Yeovilton Air Show 2013

Met up with Michael for the first time in ages, this time using his contact at Limington village church; allowed up the tower where we had a cracking view across Yeovilton air base and the spectacular displays from the red arrows and others performing at the annual air show.














Last of all came the surprise of the afternoon as a buzzard came out from the trees below us and started to circle probably looking for his tea.


 We left the tower before the end of the show to escape the 30C plus temperatures.


Behind the Camera 16

Floody Hell

Making the best of a break in the wet weather Michael and me took to the high ground for some landscape and big sky photography. An opportunity predictably in vision at the local beauty spot of Ham Hill, all looks fine until you look closer at the watery features seen in the distance.

At first glance the small lakes look to be naturally placed within this landscape but anyone who has seen the recent news will know this is certainly not a regular sight seen at this angle. From Ham Hill we moved over to Yeovilton village for a closer look, luckily the roads were clear so access was not a problem. The  result of an accumulation of rainwater over the summer and, more pertinently, the heavy storms over the last few weeks, was there before our eyes.


The light was playing tricks with us, the pictures above were to our left facing north, then to our right and into the sun the reflections and the shadows make for a completely different perspective on the scene.

The next two pictures are there to challenge you blog readers to play spot the difference, the first is a few months old and shows the River Yeo in normal flow; see if you can spot the changes made by adding a bit extra water.



Yes that is the same weir in both pictures.





Looking left again we see the river heading off to the Somerset Levels proper and the scene that greeted us from Langport which overlooked the main area of flooding.





The last picture is of Muchelney Church, those with a memory will have seen shots from a few weeks ago when there was a flood by the River Parrett, but no where near this scale of a problem. For a recap see Behind the Camera 14.

Yeovilton 4

Odd Shots

The 2010 air show at Yeovilton had a wide range of aircraft giving a good account of what they do best, but before the planes took to the air the sky was littered with the canopied bodies of parachutists floating gently to earth.

After a mixture of  other displays we end up seeing a Harrier Jump Jet hovering just in front of the fairground being celebrated as a squadron of them had been stationed at Yeovilton. But now they were being thrown away by our penny pinching and mindless new coalition government. (that’s not just my view on the matter).

Thinking back on things I find nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia.

Yeovilton 3

Red Arrows.

A short time after the wing walkers stunning show things did get faster, certainly noisier, and somewhat smokier with the arrival of the Red Arrows. The cloud cover was increasing as the afternoon progressed and the display contained more horizontal action than previously witnessed in earlier years.














Job done it was time to go.


Yeovilton 2

Wing Walking

This has to be an example of trusting in your fellow human beings, the strap makers, the strap fixers, the pilots and a belief you are going to make it through the day.










After watching such a brilliant aerobatic display from the Breitling display team the next post will maybe slow things down a bit, or maybe not, readers will just have to see number 3 to check it out.


Yeovilton 1

Vulcan Bomber Display

Starting with one of the stars of the show. Pictures were taken from the village of limington, a mile or so south of the runway, which explains the slight pixilation on some of the zoomed images.


Luckily 2010 had a classic collection of aircraft which, when coupled with a blue sky day, seemed made for creating a worthwhile set of pictures. Much more to come.


Behind the Camera 10

Up, up and away

A quiet Saturday afternoon in the country watching cricket, the sound of leather against willow echoing around the nearby buildings to our lofty position up another church tower; out with Michael again this time at Chilton Cantello school.Yes a nice peaceful interlude – NOT!

Michael’s connection with the church gave us access to the tower, which, fortunately overlooked part of the local navel air station runway; and today was time for the Yeovilton Air show. Soon after we had climbed the hundred odd steps to the top, a deep throated jet engine could be heard slowly approaching from the west of the tower. Coming our way was a Russian ANTONOV 240, one of the biggest transport planes in the world that can carry over 130 tons of payload. Quite impressive as can be seen here.

It was a pity that due to Michael’s having to create a union that no one could put assunder we missed a large part of the show, but still managed to see things worth climbing the tower for. Next up to give a lengthy display were two early jets from the fifties: a Sea Venom, with the twin boom; and a Gloster Meteor, a sequal and similar design to the Gloster Whittle, the first ever jet plane created at the end of WW2.

The first picture below shows a flight of six trainers belonging to Saudi Arabia warming up on the runway; their job was to entertain us with a aerobatic display almost equal to the famous Red Arrows, who had performed before we arrived.

The finale of the show is always a re-enactment of some major ground assault, helicopters bringing in troops and equipment with low flying jets doing bombing runs to coincide with synchronised explosions and heavy smoke. Our position only allowed for a limited view of the proceedings.

It was a pity the weather had not been too kind, the light not really bright enough to be able to attain sharp pictures; but this is why we work in all conditions, to try and get the best from our cameras.

The last image below is an aerial view our road home to Yeovil, which is just over the hill at the top right of the picture.

For those who would like to see more the link here-  is of an earlier part of a show taken in 2010, I will add a post with some of that show soon.