Behind the Camera 23

Bruton plus


Finding photographic features in the back of beyond in rural Somerset is something Michael and I seem to do on a regular basis, this time we decided to visit the scenic site of Bruton; just over ten miles east of Yeovil. It has been proposed that this is the smallest town in England something hard to reckon seeing how much new build is happening. We started by climbing a small hill to a dovecote that overlooks most of Bruton’s central area, from here the resulting pictures show how it actually is. But first a closer look at the top of the tower.


The comparative chunkiness of the stonework in the tower belies the true size of the buzzard watching over us.


┬áTaking up a large percentage of the town is an independant 350 pupil school whose main buildings are nearly 600 years old, St Mary’s church shown in the next picture is of even greater age, building began almost a thousand years ago.


As usual for our jaunts into the countryside we seem to just take any road that looks as if there could be something round the corner, this time it was another church; St Peter’ Redlynch.


Seen below us on the same road a scene saying autumn is coming.


Driving on for a few miles we decide to head home to escape the start of rain and its gloomy grey skies, but turning another corner we suddenly strike gold.





The last picture shows off one of the grandest of folly’s that is just visible at the top of the hill.