Yeovilton Air Show 2013

Met up with Michael for the first time in ages, this time using his contact at Limington village church; allowed up the tower where we had a cracking view across Yeovilton air base and the spectacular displays from the red arrows and others performing at the annual air show.














Last of all came the surprise of the afternoon as a buzzard came out from the trees below us and started to circle probably looking for his tea.


 We left the tower before the end of the show to escape the 30C plus temperatures.


Yeovilton 4

Odd Shots

The 2010 air show at Yeovilton had a wide range of aircraft giving a good account of what they do best, but before the planes took to the air the sky was littered with the canopied bodies of parachutists floating gently to earth.

After a mixture of  other displays we end up seeing a Harrier Jump Jet hovering just in front of the fairground being celebrated as a squadron of them had been stationed at Yeovilton. But now they were being thrown away by our penny pinching and mindless new coalition government. (that’s not just my view on the matter).

Thinking back on things I find nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia.

Yeovilton 3

Red Arrows.

A short time after the wing walkers stunning show things did get faster, certainly noisier, and somewhat smokier with the arrival of the Red Arrows. The cloud cover was increasing as the afternoon progressed and the display contained more horizontal action than previously witnessed in earlier years.














Job done it was time to go.


Yeovilton 2

Wing Walking

This has to be an example of trusting in your fellow human beings, the strap makers, the strap fixers, the pilots and a belief you are going to make it through the day.










After watching such a brilliant aerobatic display from the Breitling display team the next post will maybe slow things down a bit, or maybe not, readers will just have to see number 3 to check it out.


Yeovilton 1

Vulcan Bomber Display

Starting with one of the stars of the show. Pictures were taken from the village of limington, a mile or so south of the runway, which explains the slight pixilation on some of the zoomed images.


Luckily 2010 had a classic collection of aircraft which, when coupled with a blue sky day, seemed made for creating a worthwhile set of pictures. Much more to come.