A few good reasons

It’s  nearly two years since my last post, no bugles needed, but have not been idle as can be seen from the link to my new web site.        http://www.twhitchpublishing.com

I include this weeks news about a flypast celebrating the retirement of a RN helicopter





Weston-Super-Mare – Views and Hues.

A look at the Beach and other things

First thing is to find out what this long spindly structure represents, standing imposingly in the centre of the town? Imagine our surprise, when walking round it, to find this deli bar.

Moving up towards the seafront we see a more traditional British institution selling fish and chips, but with the added extra that shows a change in the needs of our plural population.

Now at the seafront the quick changing landscape, seascape and skyscape made for a particularly interesting set of views and hues, see if you agree?

Not only the changing weather pattern afforded the chance of some character pictures.

And finally now for something completely different.

Weather Or Not

It was a quiet afternoon in up until the thunder and lightening started accompanied by the sound of a few hundred snare drums on the roof of our conservatory.

Within five minutes the world had changed colour, then it turned to rain and washed the ice away nearly as quickly as it had accumulated.