Garden Visitors 3

Mid September has arrived with several varied visitors to our back yard, the following photographs taken over two days.

Starting with a Great Spotted Woodpecker on a dead Yukka tree about 100m away.

This morning on the roof seen behind the woodpecker, a young Sparrowhawk came to have a look for some food.

 If only he had come back ten minutes later.

A varied menu would have been available: Great Tit, with Blue Tit on the side, and juvenile Goldfinch for dessert.

As always the nectar hunters make a Bee line for the flowers.

With this being such a topsy turvy year we don’t know whether to be surprised or not that there is still so much colour in the garden.


Jack and the Hollyhock.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a garden, not so far away, grew a flower that went searching for the sky.



Here is a closer look at its flower for those short sighted ones among you.

Since I last put out a post showing the colours of spring many blooms have come and gone but still there are the lilies, dahlias and exotic lobelias starting to show off their features.


And still some late flowers to come.


Garden Visitors 2

Sparrow Hawk drops in

Sat in our dining room and saw this, it just descended from out of the grey and sat there for only a minute; luckily the camera was nearby. Shot taken through a single and also a double glazed window, carpe diem is the phrase of the moment.

All the song birds are quiet at the moment, can’t think why?