Yeovilton Air Show 2013

Met up with Michael for the first time in ages, this time using his contact at Limington village church; allowed up the tower where we had a cracking view across Yeovilton air base and the spectacular displays from the red arrows and others performing at the annual air show.














Last of all came the surprise of the afternoon as a buzzard came out from the trees below us and started to circle probably looking for his tea.


 We left the tower before the end of the show to escape the 30C plus temperatures.


Tis the season to be ready, well almost.

Thought to share our decorations , may be a tad old fashioned but they bring a bit of extra colour to the season. It’s even better if you turn out the lights.









And after a rather uncertain pose from the boys lets wish bloggers everywhere



Bridgwater Carnival 2012

Miracle of miracles the evening remained dry for the whole two and a half hours of the Bridgwater Carnival Parade, payback was waking up to a snowstorm the following morning. The pictures start with a date for the 2013 parade so make a note and try to get there to see the second largest carnival in the world, knocked off the top spot by Rio.

Only a few of the 200 plus images will be shown here hoping to give a glimpse of the time and effort put in by the participants in aid of the charities chosen for donations. The smiles  from some and looks of dedication from others say it all.



The floats display a great deal of creativity in transmitting the themes suggested by the organisers, again shown here are but a few that display the diverse skills needed to produce a mind bending show.








Not forgetting those who choose to walk the route showing just as much dedication as the riders on the carts.




How spectacular are these horses????


To finish there is a touch of naughty humour that puts a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Chicks with Sticks’.



The beginning of September has attached to it a recently established tradition, the anniversary of 9/11. This weekend sees the return of a film on TV that reveals a less obvious side to the trauma brought about by that event, Reign On Me, a well told story describing the feelings of man suffering from the physical loss of his family. Coincidentally, I have just watched ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’, which tells a similar story but centres on the reaction of a young boy whose father dies in one of the towers. I mention these two films as a representative part of the events perception formed over the last ten years. Other movies that perpetuate the basic memories of the globally televised broadcast, World Trade Center and Flight 93, are now shown every year as part of the anniversary programming.

In 2004 and 2006 my wife and I were lucky enough to be able to visit  New York as part of 2  holidays in the USA. Both times we stayed at the Manhattan Millennium Hilton, which has rooms that overlook the Ground Zero site.  The hotel’s close proximity to the fallen towers is displayed by the fact it took a year to refurbish the damage caused by the collapse. Our rooms faced the west side of Manhattan, a view dominated by the World Financial centre, Jersey City and the Hudson river; first on the 44th floor and then the 50th. The following photographs were mainly taken in 2004 when much of the above ground clearance had been done but dust was still being removed from the lower underground levels. The images, when combined with the original memories, still carry an impact even ten years after the attack.

 I have made an audio visual item posted on YOUTUBE using some of these pictures coupled with the Leonard Cohen music On That Day –

Give it a listen and perhaps say what you think.

The picture below is one of my favourites from our stay.


I must admit to constantly being surprised by events, recently three Cunard Queens in Southampton, the spotted woodpecker at Corfe and the great day spent on Exmoor, all gave a great return for the effort made to be there. Monday 23rd July was no different due to the need to be in the right place at the right time. When visiting  my daughter, who has a flat on Garratt Lane in south London, I took advantage of a photographic opportunity while I was there to help sort out a problem with a washing machine. Her home is on the 2nd floor and when the passing event occurred we were afforded a very convenient view of an important part of the proceedings; a change of bearer carrying the the flame on the Olympic torch relay. The build up to the event took quite some time with people gathering for about an hour before the flame was due.

More than one application for Giusalight. (London speak for give us a light)

Or for running hot and cold, fake torches and ice pops.

Looking for the fugitive? reading about Richard Kindle?

Time for the main event, the road has been closed, the lead police car is here and those who can see the approaching cavalcade have their cameras clicking.

But first a word from our sponsers, who seem to finding the whole thing profitable but very taxing.

The next torch bearer takes his place ready to carry the flame forward.

Still something about a man in uniform girls?

Job done.

Now where next? Oh yes Tooting is this way

3 Queens

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Today’s story starts begins with setting out on a mystery tour. Jane has a birthday next week and when looking for a different way to celebrate I happened upon a forthcoming event known to be of great interest.

The trip started at mid-day heading south east with a stop for lunch at a pub in Tolpuddle after which we journeyed on through Ringwood, the New Forest, Beaulieu and Lindhurst, ending the travelling at Hythe. From the car park it was a short walk onto the pier that had options to walk or train ride to the end which was about 100 yards out into Southampton water. The three surprises for Jane became visible only when we were out on the pier, Cunard’s Queens; Mary 2, Victoria and Elizabeth. At this time all moored some distances apart in different areas of the docks. Elizabeth the farthest away, Victoria peeping her bow  from behind Queen Mary 2 on the right hand side of the harbour.

At 4.30 ish on the 13th July 2012, the first to move was the Elizabeth, which took nearly half an hour to turn and get within close proximity of her sisters.

As she passed by Queen Mary 2 Victoria pulled away from the dockside and gave us photographers the only chance of a close up picture showing the three together.

The three majestic majesties moved silently and sedately towards the Solent, Queens Elizabeth and Victoria slowing down to wait for Mary 2 to catch up before they left our view.

Moving probably over 10000 people including the crews takes some serious ships and when the three left the docks the space appeared very empty. We were very lucky that the weather stayed dry.

Jane, in her own word was “delighted”.