Exercise – It’s a walk in the park


Steering our way towards the local country park on a blue sky January morning gave us the first opportunity in ages for using the camera. Even a fair selection of birds came out to play.












Here’s hoping the weather stays this clear for a few days. Happy new year to all our readers.


4 comments on “Exercise – It’s a walk in the park

  1. bananabatman says:

    And, if I haven’t said it before, a Happy New Year to you as well Terry.

    This looks like familiar territory.

  2. dazza says:

    Wow just wow

  3. Val says:

    Hello I have only just five min’.s ago discovered your beautiful blog. I am now subscribed to your posts and must say, two things, first, I wish I had known of it long before today of the existence of your blog and secondly , your photos are just superb~ they are so sensitively composed and so many of your photos like visiting a dream world. Just breathtaking and too beautiful for words. So pleased to have found you!

    • twhitch says:

      Thank you for these insightful comments, we do our best to please an insatiable audience who so rarely respond with such praise. You might wish to see the torty plus You Tube videos on twhitch’s channel which has more up to date additions to peruse. I look forward to recieving more of the above ( it made my day, thanks again).

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