Queen Victoria 10 – The Faroes to Southampton

Friday 28th July proved to be a busy day, not only was it the last chance to don the gladrags for a formal evening’s entertainment I also had the opportunity to go on a behind the scenes tour of the ship. The logistics of catering for nearly two thousand passengers and a thousand crew, with a company policy to be as environmentally friendly as possible, really is mindblowing; more of that in the next post.

One day out from Torshavn we had to see our first full sunset since the cruise began, no more chance of any midnight viewings, this one was at 9.3op.m.






The strange mix of colours over the sequence of pictures is as it happened, refraction does very odd things when twisting the light.

I’ve not included much about the entertainment on board but most was centred in the theatre and the queens ballroom. On the last evening there was something different when a gathering of passengers was led through a singsong of old musichall favourites in a very relaxed, and as can be seen, easygoing way in the Grand Lobby.


The following morning gave us many different things to look at, oil rigs, wind farms, ships and sea birds. The heat haze dominated the scene but we were still able to get sight of the closer objects.







The above sailing ship, The Tenacious, belongs to an organisation called J.S.T. (Jubilee Sailing Trust) which began in the 1970s to clebrate the Queen’s silver jubilee. The JST has two ships that were commisioned especially to carry a forty-strong crew most of which have varying degrees of disability; nobody was considered as a passenger. More information can be found about this commendable charity at http://www.jst.org.uk


In the staits of Dover the haze and the sun’s position gave us a better view of the white cliffs of France so just for change here they are. The sunset was not as spectacular this evening but, as can be seen below, early the next morning we had a view to get up for.



Yes it’s Portsmouth, nearly there with only an hour to go before we dock and prepare for the land journey home.


2 comments on “Queen Victoria 10 – The Faroes to Southampton

  1. bananabatman says:

    A good story and series of photos Terry.

  2. Steve Brimson (PCS Cunard) says:

    Great pictures and blog of Queen Victoria

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