Before the Rain

Woken up by noises in the street outside my window it was noticeable that the sky would give us a colourful start to the day. The following few photographs let you see its progress towards fulfilling the prophecy – Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning.

Within an hour or so the rain was with us.



Jack and the Hollyhock.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a garden, not so far away, grew a flower that went searching for the sky.



Here is a closer look at its flower for those short sighted ones among you.

Since I last put out a post showing the colours of spring many blooms have come and gone but still there are the lilies, dahlias and exotic lobelias starting to show off their features.


And still some late flowers to come.


YCC Montacute exhibition

Saint Catherine’s Church Flower Festival, August 2012

In Montacute one more time and still the sky is laden with rain; 4 visits this year and grey skies have greeted us each time. The weather is of little importance this time due to our mission concerns setting up the YCC photographic show featuring pictures based on the theme of Montacute itself. There is no real story to tell just a few overall images of the collection and the interior setting for the three day festival. Come along if you can we are only a few hours away from Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

All around us an army of volunteers were preparing the flowers.

To finish this post an image from the exhibition shows the high quality of entrants pictures, oh it’s one of mine, there is a surprise.


East Coker

For me this was the last venue for this years summer season with the YCC. A village famous for its links with the modernist poet T. S. Eliot, who once lived in a cottage here. Rumour has it he was not averse to the place.

Once again the 2012 summer had left us with a grey evening which only gave us a brief glimpse of the sun minutes before it set for the night. Member Pauline’s rustic home was nestled under trees making successful photography difficult with the limited light available; did the best one could and hope you like this week’s show.




Just had to show this line of chimneys on the Alms houses.




Finishing with a most unusual pot-bellied tree caught in the dying rays of sunset.

Weston-Super-Mare – Fire and Rain

But not necessarily in that order.

Part three of this tale of adventure and wanderings in the town of Weston-Super-Mare relates to a look at the adverse conditions, i.e. RAIN. Once the mandatory noticing of an empty beach was over we took to strolling along the front heading towards the Carter’s steam fair, but a storm interupted our journey so time to stop and shelter; an excuse for another cup of tea. For others it appears that if it is peeing down you go and stand by the toilets.







Horse and trolley man has had enough, he’s heading home. The rain did stop so we try again to make it to the fair.

Oh no, not again, time to run for cover.

Okay, so the steam fair turned into a stream fair; enough is enough, back to the bus. But on the way home it was time for the fire in the title of this post to show itself. We had maintained a good speed until everything came to a sudden stop; the cause was just in view ahead of us.

It wasn’t long before the firemen brave and bold took control of the blaze.

Then we were on our way again.

Not long though when we drove into  another storm.

This one was followed by a rainbow, aw isn’t that nice? What a pretty end to the day?


Weston-Super-Mare – Views and Hues.

A look at the Beach and other things

First thing is to find out what this long spindly structure represents, standing imposingly in the centre of the town? Imagine our surprise, when walking round it, to find this deli bar.

Moving up towards the seafront we see a more traditional British institution selling fish and chips, but with the added extra that shows a change in the needs of our plural population.

Now at the seafront the quick changing landscape, seascape and skyscape made for a particularly interesting set of views and hues, see if you agree?

Not only the changing weather pattern afforded the chance of some character pictures.

And finally now for something completely different.

Weston-Super-Mare – Fun and Games

Pier Pressure

On an organised day trip to the seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare,  on the Bristol Channel coast, we were greeted by gathering dark clouds coming in over the water.

At first glance not many people on the beach.

At second glance not many people on the streets.

On third glance it seems everyone is visiting the new pier to avoid the rain.

Let’s follow the crowd, yes here they all are, being taken for a ride or off to the cleaners?

A couple of the big boys from our group went for a spin, first this way, then that way, then tossed like rag dolls; I took a pass on this ride.

After all that tossing and turning time to see if the rain has stopped. More news in the next post.