Behind the Camera 8

Saint Catherine’s Church, Montacute

It was to be a testing time in attempting to take reasonable photographs when the weather could be called inclement, or as we say in the profession it was raining. Not wishing to travel any great distance in these conditions Michael and Me decided to prepare for an exhibition due later in the summer that had a theme of images of the Somerset village of Montacute, situated only a couple of miles west of Yeovil.

Our visit to Montacute centred on St Catherine’s, a building that typified the size, style and architecture of a provincial English church. The capacity for bums on pews is rarely different for the type of churches seen, mainly due to the fact that nearly every village has one; even though they may be only a mile or two apart. Michael is a vicar and has five churches in his keeping, all of which are within a five mile radius.

As can be seen in the above pictures, the craftsmanship and TLC used in the creation and ongoing maintenance is more than evident. The problem is the drop in attendance coupled with the ever increasing cost of repairs has been the cause for many of these buildings to be sold and converted into village halls , or private housing.

One thing that did go our way, unfortunately not a change in the weather, was that Michael arranged for us to gain access to the tower and the roof; yes you could say he had friends in high places. From there we could appreciate the view of the village, farmhouses and the imposing Montacute House.

Not only did we see the buildings and the overview of the village, but in an adjacent field at the back of the church we were pleasantly surprised to see the animals pictured here.


Weather Or Not

It was a quiet afternoon in up until the thunder and lightening started accompanied by the sound of a few hundred snare drums on the roof of our conservatory.

Within five minutes the world had changed colour, then it turned to rain and washed the ice away nearly as quickly as it had accumulated.